Muay Thai Moves: Punch and Knee Kick Combination

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The Thai name for this move is “Luang Dan Hera”. It is one of the combination moves that require you to use a punch and a kick at the same time. However, last time it was a punch and a kick combination, “Pajon Chang San”. The difference is that today’s move will use your knee as a weapon to deliver the kick instead of your leg.

Like the Pajon Chang San or the punch and kick combination, the move is used for either attack, defense or escape. It will be best used while there are a small distance between you and your opponent. You will have to throw a right swing fist to your fighter’s left jaw and at the mean time swing your left knee upward and diagonally to hit your opponent’s right ribcage. It is best used when you notice that your fighter leaves his guard down leaving himself vulnerable for the move.

To the Attack: The opponent must shield himself from the fighter’s blows by wiping away the potential punch with his left arm. And he should also move quickly, sway towards the right side while raising his elbow to guard the ribs from the knee kick.

To the Defense: Twist your body slightly to your right and put your body weight onto your right leg while using your left knee to strike the opponent’s right rib. The counter-attack is very similar to the one in Pajon Chang San or the punch and kick combination move but instead of using your shin or foot in the kick, you use your knee as the weapon.

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Muay Thai Moves: The Uppercut

Welcome back! This is time to learn some new moves! How are you with the previous Muay Thai move I talked about last month? I hope you can still remember it. Today I want to talk about another ancient Thai boxing technique. But it’s not that ancient since we still use this technique in modern Muay Thai. Let’s check it out!

The action is best used when there are only a small space between you and your opponent. The punch is perfectly used in close range. And as you deliver an uppercut, don’t forget to transfer the power right from your leg because the force will be driven through the lifting of your legs through your body and then fists. Make the uppercut move from the inside because it is easy to counter attack the move if you use the outside uppercut because you will be left widely open while you’re bringing the arms down to gain the power for the punch. To do this Muay Thai move, you have to step toward your opponent to the certain range that is close enough to easily bring the punch upward to strike the opponent’s heart, chest, and abdomen or rib area.

To the Attack: Thwart the boxer’s right arm with your left arm and suddenly twist your upper body to the right to prevent the full blow to your chest or abdomen area. Don’t forget to guard the left side of your ribcage with your left elbow holding up on guard.

To the Defense: Use your left knee to hit the boxer’s ribs or midsection. If the opponent uses his left hand instead of the right to throw the uppercut, you alternate it by using your right knee to perform this counter attack to the move.

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Muay Thai Moves: The Lengthy Punch

Welcome to MuayThai Sport! One more month has past and you know it’s about time to learn some more Muay Thai Boran moves. I hope you got to practice some of the previous moves. If you want, share your experience of trying out those moves with us right here below stimulating our Muay Thai fans to do the same.

Today move was given the name “Intra Kwang Jak”. It is just a fancy name from the past and has nothing to do with the move or anything. Non of that matters. So why don’t we get started with how to do and when to apply this ancient technique.

This Muay Thai Boran move is used for facing the coming attack, dealing with the defense and escape of your opponent. It is very accommodating when there is a certain good amount of distance between you and your fighter. Furthermore, this muay thai punch move targets the opponent’s neck and is so used when the neck area is left opened vulnerable. To perform this move, the boxer has to hold up his right fist in front of him. Then soon after, straighten or extend forcefully his right arm making a step forward toward the opponent with his right foot. Now it is the time to deliver the long range downward blow from your right fist onto your fighter’s neck or maybe nose.

To deal with the attack: Move very quickly to thwart the long punch away by moving your straight left arm above your head like when you’re guarding your face and immediately swing your left arm outward to brush the opponent’s right long blow away.

To handle the defense: With powerful force, throw a left swing kick aiming for the boxer’s right rib. If the ancient long punch is being thrown by the left arm (your right side), then instead, swing your right leg to deliver the powerful kick from your right hitting his left ribcage.

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Muay Thai Move: The Bent Fist

Hello again, my MUAY THAI BOXING sport friends, nowsday the world is turning too fast, sometimes I get migraine! That’s why we all should pay more attention looking back into our past, how our civilizations has grown and ended. MUAY THAI is one of the most famous civilizations of the world and it was almost forgotten by our new gens more and more. Such a beauty of arts can’t be forgotten that easily though. Let’s go back to our ancient world again and enter the world of fighting art and try Strengthening your muscles!

Here’s the Muay Thai Move of the day! THE BENT FIST!

The Bent fist is all about delivering a punch, by bending the boxer’s elbow and even your inner wrist, it would apply such a great and powerful punching force to your punch or blow. After bending your muscle, throw the blow sidewards and downwards, aiming for the boxing opponent’s nose or jaw, this is just called The Bent Fist, a technique of defending and attacking.

To complete this fabulous Thai Boxing hitting technique, you must put your left foot forward and twist your body to the left, throw your punch down by a swift. Try not to look down on the feet or the ground if your opponent would want to throw the uppercuts. And you know how hard it’s gonna be to avoid this big hit? Well, the key to defend yourself from this punch blow is to hold up your left hand defending against the blow coming from your left. Afterward, you sweep your left arm over smoothly to ward off the opponent’s right arm. Keep in mind to maintain your balance well by swaying your body only slightly bit.

Here’s the part of the boxing move you are waiting for, defensing mechanism of this throw, use your left knee to hit the boxer’s right rib. If the boxer is a left-handed one, reverse the described moves using the opposite side of the body.

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Muay Thai Moves: Turn Front Side Punch

Welcome back to Muay Thai Boran Lessons or Ancient Muay Thai Lessons if you want to call it that. Thanks for coming back regularly and for those of you who accidentally came here, well you’re lucky. Because right here we give away Muay Thai lessons for free. Even though these are Muay Thai Boran techniques, I’m sure these will be useful for you.

Muay Thai is not an easy sport. Long time ago it was really used in battles. So pay attention and look out for knowledge. Any possible things you can use and adapt to improve your Muay Thai skill. Enough chitchat. Let’s get started with our today’s lesson.

Turn Front Side Punch or Prakan Perd Lok is a Muay Thai technique used for defense or escape. Here’s how to do it. The boxer or you will take a step forward and proceed to throw a right or left uppercut to your opponent’s chin which is the main target of this move. You can use either left or right hand for this matter, however, the fist you use should be delivered from the inside only. Since it will put you in a vulnerable situation if you throw the punch from the outside because the opponent can easily wipe away the punch or counter attack due to you give him a lot of time to defense-attack while gaining the force pulling the fist back.

To the attack: The boxer or you have to use your left hand to create a sweeping move and sweep away the opponent’s arm downwards. While doing this, lean you head back to get away from oncoming uppercut.

To the defense: Your left foot kick will do the trick. Use your left foot to kick the opponent in the abdomen area. You can also deliver your elbow to the opponent’s face. Reverse the side of the foot for counter attack if the opponent is left handed or uses his left hand for the turn front side punch.

That’s it for today’s lesson. I hope to see you come back to learn more because I won’t stop putting them here. More lessons are waiting. Enjoy your Muay Thai and see you next time.

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