Film: Tom Yum Kung

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Hey Tom Yum Kung here is not the famous Thai food like you all know. Today I’m talking about a movie called “Tom Yum Kung”. Talking about Muay Thai movies from Thailand, I believe that many people havealready heard of the movie called “The Protector” whose Thai name is Tom Yum Kung.

The story was about a young man from a small town in Thailand named Kham. Kham’s father raised him in the jungle but later his father was killed and his two elephants were stolen. The priceless elephants were taken away by a Thai criminal gang to be sole in Australia. He had made a big decision for a jungle boy like himself and decided to travel all the way to Australia to get his friends back. The baby elephant is kept in a restaurant owned by Madame Rose, the head leader of the international Thai mafia. However Kham has got the help from Thai detective, Mark. They all will be stunned with Kham’s action fight!

This is one of the movies that you can see the number one action star in Thailand, Tony Jaa, played as Kham!
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The film was rated R for pervasive strong violence and some sexual content. It lasts less than 2 hours. So it’s pretty good for a short entertainment for yourself with loads of kick ass actions. After all, this movie did get lots of attentions worldwide. At least in beginning of the movie, there are quite lots of beautiful sceneries of Thailand. However, IMO, I don’t think its action scenes can still not be compared with “Ong Bak”, another movie from Tony Jaa.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, this movie is recommended. Check out the official website at to buy this 2-disc DVD now! It will best fit your movie collection!