Muay Thai Moves: Punch and Kick Combination

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Welcome to our sport blog. I want to continue talking about Muay Thai Boran moves. I’ve been reading a lot about Muay Thai and sometimes I saw about interesting muay thai facts, techniques and stuff that I want to write articles about it just to share them with you because I know that these information or things that I have learned from reading through many books will be somehow useful to you also.

Today’s ancient Muay Thai move is called “Pajon Chang San”. The very best way to call it in English is just to know that it’s a combination of the punch and kick move that are applied at the same time. To explain more about it, this is a combination technique used for attack, defense and escape. The targets for his boxing attacking technique are your opponent’s chin and rib area. As a boxer, you will be required to throw a punch with your right hand to hit the chin and at that same time lift your left leg up and swing it to deliver a powerful kick into your opponent’s right rib. The full weight is borne by the right leg while the left elbow is drawn back to keep your body balanced. The simultaneous punch and kick trick like this is quite effectively used for your opponent who always guard his boxing stance with wide angles.

To the Attack: You have to use both of your hands to wipe away both of your opponent’s fists. Afterwards, protect your body by turning it to the right and pressing down your right elbow in order to shield the attacker’s oncoming kick.

To the Defense: Try to apply your left shin or your left foot to hit your opponent’s right rib. If he use his left hand to throw the punch and right foot to deliver the kick, alternate your counter move by using your right shin instead.

That’s it for this move. If you want to try this, I recommend you do it with your Muay thai master so that he can help you correct your move in case there are some mistakes. Anyway I hope you enjoy our learning articles so far. I will be back next time with the modern boxing moves with video clips of Muay Thai demonstration. Please leave your comment down below to help us improve the articles and the blog. See you next time.